Saturday, November 27, 2010

patch 4.03 finally!!

At last! the end of that godawful 4.01. Man that sucked. paying 2 months subscription for a broken game sucked hard. My hunter was broken in pvp. My enhance shaman was just flat crud. Honestly, when every caster watched their dps rise through the roof, to watch my hunters dps take a 30% nerf and my shammy stuck doing 6k dps on deathbringer saurfang hurt. My shaman couldnt raid, he couldnt earn a raid spot with anyone. The hunter was just farming stupid content. Silly pointless achievs when i wasnt out getting ganked. It was horrid. Took some alts out of the stable though. Got a warlock to lev 26. That was fun. bgs were murder though as her dots tick for 260 for there entire duration, wheras a hunters arcane hits me for 250 and a rogues ambush hits me for 300. I was stood at an ab flag with someone, watched an ally druid ride up, he dismounted, when to kitty form and stealthed. I started casting rain of fire about where he would be moving through. 2 secs later he pounced and one shotted me. I ressed in time to see him finish off my team mate, started to cast: one shotted again by him. Now this has been a recurring theme for me in the bgs. Now lock damage has taken a -12% nerf, well I think I will abandon that alt again. Dps who cant dps are NOT fun to play.

Oh got my holadin past lev 40. up from 24ish. awesum sauce. great fun in bgs, keeping a hunter or a rogue up through hard 4-5:1 gang bangs and watching them kill eveyone then look around sliglty bemused wondering "wtf did I just do? how did that happen?" Runing dungeons with looking for group while being 3rd on the dps meter as a healer. Although I think I need to toughen up there and get stricter. maybe make a macro saying "dps you pull it, you will get heals but not at the expense of the tank and if you los me I wont chase after you and los the tank". I always kinda thought it sucked hard that a healer would simply let me die, to "raid" damage ie the stuff you cant avoid. Even when the tank was fine, his mana was fine and he would keep up the melee dps. I can say now for a fact that its hard work when ya got a rogue and enhance shaman and a warrior in zul farrack, all tanking away their own packs of mobs (4-5) in each, while the warlock is life tapping his way to full mana for the most amazing bursts of dps I have ever seen at that level. It was nuts it was crazy, it was intense. Dam good fun though.

Anyway 4.03. At last! Hunters back. Doing well at pvp, its fun again. Dps is back in ICC, 15k single target dps, 27k aoe on trash packs. I can live with that. Time to go explore the great knew world. While trying to "stand in the fire"?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Civ5 yey!

What more needs adding? bought the game. Installing it now. Civ was an awesum game in its original format, though i prefered coloniaztion. The combat though was wierd, this battle ship has an attack of 16 that bronze age spearman has a def of 2. so every 9th time the battleship lost to the spear man and died instead. Well they fixed that in Civ2, a game I truely loved. Played it for years long after civ3 and civ4 came out. Truely amazing and one of my all time favourites. Civ 3 was simply broken. they regressed the combat system back to civ1 and let corrupution run so rampant that the game was unplayable. Any redeeming features in it were lost by these 2 failed mechanics. So Civ4? awesum game yes. As good as civ2? no. It seemed to lack so many things upto and including the ease which I could knock out a scenario to test my self (imagine if you will two small islands with enough room for 4 cities, small cities with a fair bit of production, linked by a 1 wide 20 long land bridge, identical resources and its the mongols or romans on the other end. place the 8 cities, make them lev 3 with 1 def unit each and go...) Idk, civ4 seemed to lose its way a bit with its own cleverness. Loved religions, loved some of the scenarios, found the editor didnt work for me, seriously enjoyed warring at the top difficulty levels. I have to say though that if I am in a peaceful "building" mood and want to try a space ship, prince has always been the best level for that, simply its where your closest to the ai in equality of resource manufacture and peaceful ai civs will leave you alone as long as your similar in power levels to them (ie your not a tasy snack). I always found it ironic that ai civs would only be friendly to equals and seemed to virtually commit suicide when you were twice as strong as they were. I think civ 4 at diety levels closer resemebles the free for alls you used to find in quake. very good fun and the games are short. Anyway. Civ5, they seem to have cut down the tech tree a little, made some things easier so lets see. If the games as good as I hope it is, see you all in a week.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pvp musings

I got to thinking lately about why I pvp. What brought this to the fore front of my mind was a recent arathi basin battle we got pwned in. You know the drill, 6 good ally players take out each objective against the countless horde, all playing as individuals. fk knows what the rest of the allies were doing, probably wetting themselves in joy and watching us be taken apart. I couldnt get into the game, a run in and wyvern sting that lock, oh dear stunned by a pali, charged by a warrior and oh yes thats a rogue just shadowstepped behind you. squish. Then they moved on to the next sucke... i mean fellow horde comrade in arms. So i ducked out from the farm battle, which resembles world war one (charging machine guns from the front) and it took a couple of goes but i got clear. Gm was undefended, but I was spotted by a lock and he was chasing me, so I didnt tarry. he didnt follow me beyond it thankfully, as I am pretty sure I couldnt have taken him and I got to the stables where a druid was fighting an ally frost mage. Now we all know how that goes, they freeze you to the ground, blink behind you and rape you. If yr lucky enough to actually get a few hard blows in they iceblock. Bitch of an opponent and this one was tough, he near took me down (while the druid healed himself and watched me do it for him). So i get a quick flag capture in while waiting for him to run back from the gyard to defend the stables and I get a w "dont cap!" why? "let them win" fuck that. I had canceled my flag capture as I thought he had a reason something sneaky maybe, like dont let them know we are here or something. So I took the flag. Got alot of "***** retard!!" over bg chat for it. I simply replied they aint getting their achievment for owning 5 bases here. "what really? you will wait an extra 2 mins to finish a lost bg just to deny them an achievment?" yes. Well allies won that game with 3 bases and any hordies dont like the fact I didnt roll over and die, they had the opportunity to put me on ignore.

As time has gone by my attitude to the allies has hardened. Wheras I used to ignore or even help them, it has slowly devolved into an an unreasoning hatred of the opposite faction. There was a 58 human pali today, stood in uc court yard. I dont know why or what he thought he was doing. After my exy shot killed him, it cost me 2 secs till the combat flag left me and I could remount, it cost me an arrow it was just a waste of time and didnt even register as a honour kill. It felt good though, made me smile. I sometimes see them in northrend while flying around, espec in grizzly hills, they do the pvp quests to help level and then I kill them. Or they fight in wg then all goto fish for the daily in scol basin. In fishing gear with pvp flags up. I get some pointed comments sometimes from other horde, they dont feel its appropiate maybe.

I didnt think it was appropiate when as a lev 74 I was going through the argent crusade quest chain of opening crusaders pinacleand doing the quest where you free trapped crusaders from webs and while busy in a fight 3 webs were popped around me by a lev 80 nelf hunter. The joy of hunters in that quest is we can track undead, so we can see which webs have neurabian ambushers in and which have trapped crusaders. Ofc it meant he could leave me with 3 higher level elites then sit on his dragon emoting "laughs at you" while they tore my pet apart and I fdeathed on the floor. If I had been a different class I would have died for sure, with a repair bill. I am reminded when I was a noob lev 20 something questing in ashenvale. got a quest taking me across to the beach on the other side of the zone and as I ride down it, I get tagged by the guards of astranar. Who the living fuck thought it was a good idea to put the main ally town slap bang in the middle of the main road? what the hell is that about? I didnt die from the guards, I got clear of them but they turned my flag on. Which the ??? gnome rogue really appreciated as he one shotted me then camped my body. Killed me 3 times, once i was lieing down behind a bank (I have no idea how he figured i was there, I was careful on that ress!), my pvp flag went off after that and he went on his way. good sport for him I am sure. If it had been a pvp server I would have had to have logged out and gone played mafia wars for an hour I guess.

I can give more examples, but I guess the point is the more time I spend around and with the opposite faction the more my dislike for them grows. The more stunts I watch them pull the more ruthlessly I gank any ally I can. Pretty much for me now if its red its dead and I will go out of my way to do it. It is very irrational though and that concerns me. I should maybe get a handle on this and throttle this behaviour back.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Au revoir Benny

Well yesterday My alpha rat Benny passed away. Hes been fading last 6 weeks or so, its old age he was 3 and a half years old. I segretated him away from the rest of the pack two weeks ago, when I came back from work and found him nearly catatonic and covered in bite marks from the others. I dont know why its pack nature to kill an old leader who falls, but I guess we see the same behaviour in the media with they way they handle celebrities, politicians even the England football manager.

Well after I took him out, started to nurse him, he managed a bit of food over next few days, started grooming again (very bad sign that had stopped: he was always a proud rat, grooming was always going on when he wasnt eating or exploring) he was alert sometimes, not in obvious pain or distress, but mainly slept. His back legs had stopped working, so he dragged himself about, but careful examination showed he was trying to use them. He lost a shed load of weight and was sad to see his emaciated state. So I been getting him out sleeping next to him, just spending time letting him curl up to me. Yesterday when I went to check him, he was cold, barely a heartbeat. So i stroked him a bit, he stirred a little, so put him under my shirt, to try and share some bodyheat with him, went to sleep. Woke up and he was gone, curled up and peaceful.

You know theres an old song Guess my little boy broke even. Worse ways to leave this world I guess.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Now I am angry

You know what? the one thing I won't have is being wanked on. Its not happening I am NOT ok with it. So having had my icc10 blow up in my fking face, and being skipped again for icc25 I didnt expect this to happen in a sanctioned icc25 run. Now palp is an alt off a raider mage, hes advertised his raid in gchat and trade as such, its a guild sanctioned run right? wrong. Fking tool was grr. fk it. You know what? i can whine like a bitch all day, all that matters is 1 person left before we hit rotface, he refused to replce them "oh noes dont save people..." people want in fuck wit!!! anyone and everyone has 4/12, 7/12 would sell 10k knobhead! and we end up fking 4/12 cos dickwad calls the raid. I remonsrate him in private: nothing like I really feel where I tell him how I wish i was telepathic and could command his telephone cable to throttle him, no its stil civil, but hes telling me to stop talking or he will ignore me. Fk you. last raid of yrs I join. Idiot. I had people asking me to join as you knew cos I told ya and so did others. When people are saying inv xxx 5.6kgscode dps kslayer, you dont call the raid unless yr a tool, oh wait...

Fuckwit. So while they ranted and raved about why they werent happy and I told erm it was right they had a point, that would be addressed; The worse of this is we are supposed to pug Icc10 and voa, its why we dont do guild runs, supposed to be ambassadors...

Well I didnt handle it well. I admit. I went running to an officer like a little fucking weasel. Ya i grassed the fucker up. Ya know what kira said? you shouldnt be doing icc25 anyway. well yeah, but sanctioned grun right?? nope. why you getting locked out on me? oh hes harmed our rep? oh dear, erm i will ask him about this. [kiraous has gone offline] end of chat with ma officer. FFS. So A) it wasnt sanctioned, B) i pissed off my raid leader by getting locked out for fuckface and C) I am saved 4/12 icc25 as well as 6/12 icc10 this week. Mainly cos of fkwits.

Ya know I see my errors, its not like I am blind. No one owes me fuck all. A lock out, a spot I have to earn it. I am doing this completely wrong and upside down. I dont expect a free ride. I dont expect to carry fuckwits 4/12 though then bite my toungue when they give up on it. So I guess its timne to stop associateing with fkwits, regardless of their guild know having light under yr char name doesnt mean your not a fuckwit: it means your a fuckwit with light under your char name.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

the misery of failure

You know I left naked gang my old guild because of failure. truth be told thats what it was. the failure ofc being my own. Its not that being in ng was making me unhappy, hell i was fking over joyed, used to run home from work to join the g chat. But i couldnt get a decent icc25 run to save my life, just wasnt happening. So with the failure of my afterlife overtures, and the failure of the launch of my 2nd icc10 team, mainly cos the people i recruited left the guild inside 2 weeks, then I met astu doing a os3d run for achiev, well ast was the holadin officer who persuaded me to take on my shammy for the good of the guild. Then astu left for a better progressed guild. So when astu said gerby we stalled on lk: want to come? I did. So now I am a member of light: one of the top server guilds, 6 i think. doing hc 25s and loving the loot and kingslayer title et al. Except I am not. I am still failing.

Last week went 6/12 in a stupid pug, supposed to be people with 7/12 achievs but tbh half the guys fought each other more then the mobs. went 6/12 and there you go, called. week before I went 0/12. Got in, but dps was pathetic. 5.5kgscore rogues doing 2k with buff. The 3.8kgscore boomkin (kingslayer on my alt honest!) doing 5k 2nd on meters under me. 6k ks bear /w me an apology cos with all due respect this group cant take out marrowgar, he doesnt want to be saved on this so he's passing and would i like to join his pug later?. Week before that I went 1/12 on an advertised alt boost run to go 4/12. even there i had fkers leaving halfway through. I also got /w asking why i was doing that. I mean seriously? ks pro gear? you dont have to do this man... well. beats not raiding at all i think.

So this week rite, doing it properly. rolled up my sleeves, got to buisness. inspect north dal bank with eg,going 10/12 you dont have gems/enchants dont bother me ty. Well it didnt fking work. I handed raid to a ten man ks so lootship could be hc, she handed it back to another (diff) raider, who then dictacted order of raid. after saur went to bcouncil (a mistake) did fester then rot. then a druid left. after that droped mini boss before dreamwalker and raid called. No try to replace "wont save anyone else to this" despite i had dps on call waiting to join. and yes they would have joined for the achievment. I always go for dreamwalker first, shes easier of all of them. Anyway, i quibble, point is i gave my raid over. Cant argue with the fact I am 6/12 again, just point out that again i have failed. Always failure.

You know greedy goblin/gevlon goes on alot about the m(orons) and s(lackers) who infest this game of ours, you know the ones I talk about, they were in this afternoon, /w me with there 71 talent specs and there ungemmed t9 and hateful gladiator gear. Well this is an mmorpg. Its about finding ten people (or 25) who are similar to you, in abilty and experience. Then going out and playing together. The fact I cant do this... I might as well just go fking gem for spell power seriously, I am just as lame, my results just as bad. I am failing at this game. I dont fucking like it, but its the sad and sorry truth. My continual failure to be able to find a group that can do anything that matters in the game eats at me. this example of my incompetance is unacceptable to me and its painful to admit. Its not like i can just wave a hand and say "ManS lol", cos ffs I am attracting decent players here. I also see what true good leaders do with top raiders on this server. suppose one disadvantage of occasionally getting into top pugs/raids you see the best and are shown yr place. I give an example here, cos its important to put into perspective.

There was an uld25 achiev run going down 2 weeks ago, saw it advertised alot, then later on gchat when looking for replacments. I got in there later after my dailes 2 bosses down and we went an wiped straight on next load of trash (ofc) so we came back in and i laid a fish feast. thats when i heard over vent (yeah did i mention the run was organised by foam, top horde guild on saurfang and we used vent?) "nightgerbil is in the raid? (laughter)" pretty much my rep i think. Took some comfat from replies of "nightgerbils pro man" and from the raid leader:"erm yeah nightgerbil has run with us before, hes always done real well despite being worse geared then most cos he listens to what i say and does what i asks" Well as a reference to "can you raid" I think that from the raid leader of top horde guild on my server isnt exactly damming, but its still not good that my prescence is worth mentioning. I then watched the raid carefully. It might seem he was kick happy, but ya know adrenaline (foam leader) and kira (my raid leader) kick people in the middle of fights. They kick between fights as well, but the point is they are hard with it. Dont perform, fail at mechanics and its bye bye. No question or discussion. So while I sit here pondering my failure, I look at the reason why i was /w wasnt passed lead of my own fucking raid back to me: "you are to soft on the pugs".

Something to ponder while I kick myself for failing AGAIN.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who knows?

Yesterday was very frustrating for me. My guild was supposed to be doing an allied run with the afterlife on ICC25 on friday and sunday. Idea being our guys filled out their 25 man team we go 4/12 friday and 7/12+ on the sunday. Well the raid happened on friday but I got kicked from it, as by the time it filled it was only 1hr 30 mins before I had to leave for work and they had canceled the sunday run, it was all happening then. I wasnt happy. Even more unhappy next day when I learnt that from our end it was a disaster, our gm was kicked for bad gear and no enchants, half our guys didnt show up, our lock turned up with no soul stones and apparantly in pvp gear, plus our tank kept being one shotted by fester. All in all a handicap for the afterlife not a help and not the best start for either guild. Ill will and bad feelings all round I gather, but hey screw it.

So I made an icc25 yesterday. I promised myself I wasnt going to suffer the pain anymore. I am tired of the 71 specced hateful gladiator wearing scum giving me abuse when i say no sorry, "lol I cant afford epic gems" and the 800dps fury warrior telling me he needs to be in icc for the gear. No you dont. You need to be learning how to play your class. Still sometimes even I fail and i was pissed off ok?

So I did it. a simple "lfm icc25 need all clean run." thats it. no achievs, no inspects, nothing. another run started after i did i /w them talked to him abit. I had 7, he had 4 so we merged. Then a Foam guy (top horde raid guild on my server) /w me. brought in a few more top guys. Insisted on being master looter. So ya what the hell. Have it. 4 good people and I played with Foam before and they were always pros.

Got a great team it turned out. Two kingslayers, many hardmode raiders and a few newbies with 5k gscore who didnt have the achiev and werent sure about tactics. (those i coached via /w, i didnt shame them. I find this the best way to handle beginners in pugs, the ones taht want to learn anyway). Some of the dps was a bit low, but top ten were all 6k plus 12k on trash aoe fests.

By the time my summons came they were already clearing trash, it was pretty much hands off leading, they werent listening anyway. I spent most my time coaching the new guys in /w. Got a "l33te" point out we had 3 survial huntards so I came back with "when youve stopped pulling I can switch to mm and actually buff?" so they let me buff. which was nice. At which pt ofc my dps fell through the floor. FFS I must be the only tool who goes from surv to mm in full t10 and has his fking dps drop. /facepalm. 6.5k on marrowgar, 8.5 ldw, died on gunship. switched to survial again cos it was embarrasing for the frost giant weeklie quest and saurfang. All hunky dory everyone is happy, lets do rotface first and dream walker the we go for fester who might be a bit hard, then try pp? "ya ok gerby". Then it happened. Saurfang loot theres a protectors mark and a nice 1handed rogue sword. I stated in raid I wanted the sword, it was an upgrade, but I would never roll against the rogue for it. The other hunter who rolled apologised and to general murmers of approval I stated we dont roll on their daggers and swords they dont roll on our bows. Thats when the fury warrior won and received the sword. Then the warrior who won the roll on the mark of sanct saw the shammy who was second get the mark. 98 and 95 I think the rolls were. Now to be fair I think it was a genuine mistake by eley, but the raid went into uproar. I got it sorted, the rogue got his sword and the warrior the mark, but it was too late. 7 people had left. then before I could try to replace 4 more followed as they doubted I could replace. So I called it. Hstoned to Dal where I put a big thank you out on trade. Incidently I did that into a spam war, as my raid publically argued it out for all to see, "ninjas!" "leaving the fking raid morons!" etc.

Still I did some good, 8 frosts and 5 from the ICC weeklie for all. One of the new hunters got zods longbow and thats huge for him. Several got their storming the citadel achievment which should buy there way into moron pugs in the future. Several /w of thank yous which the social in me liked. My reputaion slighty grows, I am finding more decent people, better people are starting to notice me and wanting to tag along, plus a decent raid performance by me got noticed by a few members of some of the top server guilds, which cant hurt I guess for the future. Maybe just maybe its worth perserving with this pug leading. With a group like that I couldnt get past 4/12? ya but I know why and that wont happen again.

Maybe just maybe if I keep banging my head against the brick wall, the wall will fall down and then the headache will stop? Who knows?

Monday, June 28, 2010

A bad weekend

Basically my raid didnt happen. wont go into too many details, but the nuts and bolts are I couldnt get the people. the people I did get left after an hour, to be replaced with new people, who left after an hour and so on and so forth until I gave up after 3 hours. Partly its cos my guild didnt do their ICC10 run on saturday night (missing a tank) so they rescheduled it for sunday and several guildies who would have run with me didnt because of that. Partly it was the football. Partly cos I refused to take people in pvp gear or who didnt know the tactics. Rather not get saved to a pug that wipes on lady deathw thanks. So i called it.

Well then I saw on trade "lfm icc25 to join a guild run. continuing raid from last night 4/12 in doing plagueworks" oh ho! whats this? So I joined it we wiped 5-6 times on fester and then the raid was called. No achievments for me this week, no frosties this week from the ICC 25 and I cant pug one until after the server reset now I am saved.

So to cheer myself up I am going to go farm skyguard rep for a bit I think. Maybe work on my "insane" title.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Back to the raiding grind stone

Well got back from my holidays on monday. Chilled out on wow, pugged the ICC10 and did the weeklie before the server reset. Got the frosties to get my 4 piece t10 at last. My guild has reached the stage where they are wiping on festergut, struggling to fill out the raid with pugs and generally wondering why so many guild level 80s prefer to pug I guess. Well I plan from now on to hold myself available for them. They usually start progression while I work, but I saw them trying fester on the monday night, I could have jumped in there if I wasnt already saved. The first 4 bosses in ICC are only 8 frosties anyway and theres only bracers and saurfangs trinket that drops that I want from them. So I am stopping pugging ICC10 and will try to enter guild runs with them.

I have turned my eye to running 25 man pugs. Basically every pug I can get into calls it after saurfang goes down. The pugs that go further I cant get into with the achiev for plague works. Now I remember how I got into ICC in the first place, i formed my own pug so thats what I am doing. Starting 15.00 server time on sunday (incidently clashing with the england match DOH!), an achievment run on the plague works, no pvp gear and no bad gems/enchants. Advertsing it already on trade and found a few good people to join it as well as a few guildies who signed up :).

Well then I had the idea to advertise it on the realm server. Bad move on my part. Not only was I accused of looking for boosts (oh come on!! If i was gonna do that I would have offer gold and/or asked for the achievment from my pugs that i was trying to get). I also got my spec picked apart to my dismay as well as general critism of everything from my gems and enchants to my lack of experience and general scrublike scrubness. Well actually the critics did help me, I fixed a few errors in my build and I actually appreciated that scrutiny from some of the top raiders on my server. It can only make me a better player. However it is also obvious that the realm forum is the talking shop for the top raiding guilds and so called "pros/hardcore/elite" and that I wont find the people I am aiming to reach there. ie people with my competence, inexperience, willingness to wipe 170 times to learn the fight and drop the boss and frustraion with the "no achiev no invite noob!" culture.

Now I know WHAT it is I know how to use it, but I will save my recruiting for in game. If I can I plan to try to convince the players who do come to accept saving the raid and doing it again next sunday. If I can do that and we get a few weeks in a row at it who knows? I might even see the LK fight before cataclysm. first things first though; lets see if I can find 24 people who arent interested in football.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My first /ignore in an LFG pug

I never really used /ignore. Always seemed kinda self defeating and childish. After all in a lfg or battleground the chances of meeting that person again are very slim, you probably wont remember them in a month anyway and if the ruck between you was really that bad they will probably ignore you anyway saving you the trouble of seeing their name again in yr ignored list and remembering what they did that wound you up, winding you up. I'd rather not dignify the rude and the moronic with memory of them thank you very much.

On the server itself its different. When I was a very small level 30 something trying to kill an elite without a guild or friends to help me, a kind level 80 offered to help me in return for 12 truesilver bars. So I handed them over and he agreed to do it in an hour or so when he finished his buisness. Ofc he never got back to me and ignored polite queries over the next few days as to when he might spare the time. I didnt ignore him though, I added him to my fr list. I know his name I will remember his name and I wont deal with or trust him again.

Today though I coldly made the caluculation to ignore a shammy healer with a 6.1G score and kingslayer title. It started with the first Hc of the day, ended up in Azjol-Nerub. Now being close to my glory of the hero achievment I asked when i saw it, can we do the [watch him die] achievo please. This was ignored (ofc. not unusual, most pugs wont waste the time they want the emblems and I normally feel the same) and we blasted through the watchers before killing the Elder. Ce la vie.

That was when the healer pops into chat "which worthless scrub wanted to do an achievement?", I replied "nice" (not; "the same one who just did 7k dps while yr other dps did 3 you prick" like I wanted to) and got on with it. After all still normal pug behaviour. Dicks like that forget what its like to be 3 months into the game on your first level 80 trying to do cool shit.

Except thats when the big problem slammed home: after that I never got another heal. Not one. The last boss anub, is pretty intensive with the adds and the damage comes fast. I avoided being impaled on the claws, cos I am not a fuckwit who stands in the fire, but i still get hit by adds, the tank cant be everywhere. Now it could be I am being unfair, after all he healed the other 2 dps, who were standing in the fire (or in this case on top of the growing mound of dirt that signals a claw emerging to impale you). So I had to pot and bandage, fdeath and use deterence and every other defensive abilty I could, ended the fight on 3k hps (the other four were full health) while still putting out the dps. After all its common practice in pug raids not to heal hunters. Maybe hes used to his guild hunters using mend pet on themselves? who knows?

Well the group wanted to go on and do the seasonal boss, yeah I am up for that 2 extra frosties for 5 minutes work. Went in with my now 6k health, all others full health. Guess what? no heals I potted banadged twice, had my wolf die on me and gave up killing adds on the grounds I couldnt afford to pull one with my vollies. I stuck myself on the boss and did 800dps on him until he went vulnerable, then joined in nuking him. Finished the fight, with a health in the low hundreds while everyone else was guess what? full health. Can I stay alive with this guy as my healer? yes unless its an ICC 5 man I think. Do I want to? no way. First the extra mile I have to goto to stay alive affects my dps and risks my reputaion (after all do I want to be on the /ignore list of the best puggers in my battle group for "fking huntard, gear like that and only does 3k?") Secondly though it simply isnt fun. I play for entertainment and to unwind. I have grown a thick skin and ignore the children and their potty mouths, but making it hard work for me is crossing the line.

So thats how hes ended up on my ignore list and now I will never have him affect my play time again!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Still no fester kill

Did ICC25, good geared group, marrowgar was simple, deathwisp even easier, couple of wipes on lootship, one shot saurfang, no problems with stinky and prescious. 3 wipes on fester and raid is called .

What do you say to that? when 25 fellows in epic gear with gscores ranging from 5800-5100 cant progress beyond the lower spire and it keeps happening weekly you have to ask yourself questions as to why its happening. Especially given the undergeared project did the blood princes in blues.

The problems with the lootship occured for 2 distinct reasons. Firstly the tank dies, why? because the dps spend too long tarrying on the other ship. Thats what he said. Begs the question why wasnt he being healed through it, so I watched carefully third time of doing and noticed only 4 of the dps jumping across. The other hunter prefered to stay on the ship shooting at riflemen and muradin. Why shoot muradin? 20% of his damage was done to an unkillable boss. So the tank was hanging about as the bosses melee capabilty started to stack until the tank fell over, then the "jumpers" get killed. All because of slackers.

Again on Saurfang, despite a few off us spelling out in trade that ranged have to focus on the bloodbeasts and you cant let them hit you, if you do they increase the bosses runic power, so Mr Mage if the big purple thing starts eating you, stop dps and run away from it, what happened? Locks and mages single target on the boss, while 3 bloddbeasts eat the healer and it was just myself and a mage trying to kite them all off him. Does it matter? we downed the boss without wiping. We only had 1 healer and one retri paladin die. It was a result? why the hell am I complaining?

Not that it mattered what I said, they were too busy arguing in raid chat over loot and you shouldnt have rolled etc. Meh.

I took a screenshot of deathwhispers demise. Its not a fair damage comparison I know, truth is I was only 6th for overall DPS for the raid itself, but hey every rodent has its day ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I need a cunning plan

To be more specfic I need to come up with a way solve my issue of not getting shots at the lich king. The problem is that i can form an ICC pug and we will get 4/12 and thats as far as it goes. I can join another ICC pug. It will goto 4/12. The pugs that will do more I cant get into, without the achievments for plagueworks and possibly crimson halls. So pugging is out.

So the guild. Well the guild a) doesnt have the members to do 25mans where my upgrades would come from b) raids ten man at times when I work and c) even if I shift swap/arrange later start times at work which I could do, the guild wants to hammer the first 4 bosses for gear and emblems each week. The idea of saving progression and puting it on farm AFTER we drop Arthas was seen as stupid. Leave the guild and find one that could give me what i want at times I can make? harder then it sounds decent raiding guilds that raid sunday/monday/tuesday and need a hunter to train arent exactly spamming trade. Thats supposing I wanted to leave my guild which I dont. I am actually happy there and have made some great friends. I am just frustrated.

So whats the answer? How will I kill the lichking before cataclysm? keep puging 4/12 I guess and wait for the guild to get further into Icc, then take holidays off work to go in with them. While trying to think of a cunning plan.

Friday, June 4, 2010


the verdict.

Well I didnt get in. No surprise. A guildie did. He is keeping me upto date with progress inside and showing me the dps logs. They show I would be firmly in the middle if I were in, about 9th-12th place i think, maybe a little higher. I am waiting outside the instance in case they have dps leave after the lootship/saurfang. Not likely I know but hey anything for a real shot at fester and rotface. I figure i will wait here for 2 hrs until my guildie tells me they are in the crimson halls or the raid has been called. Kinda boring watching random allies run into icc now and then, but hey if I do get to kill fester this will all be worth it :)

the waiting game...

Waiting for what? an ICC25 and wether i might join it. Been a good week for me so far. I got home after work tuesday night, 7am weds morn and went to bed. was awake at ten and straight on. Did weekly, daily hc and both voas. also toc 10 and 25 and finally got the hellion glaive!!! yey me. Yesterday i spent a large (read silly) amount of time in an uldar achiev pug after my icc25 wiped on trash. Got a fair few achievs from it as well. Today though, given i fly to malaysia next week for a fortnight i wanted Icc25. Well my pug wasnt working. I only got 10 peeps to join me. I disbanded it after a few left, said reconvene in two hours. The reason why they were leaving ofc is a better pug. A fellow named jakarta wanting achievs for plague works which i dont have, doesnt need the gscore (says only idiots insist on that! yey my kinda leader!) but does need proof that i wont wipe his raid.

What do I say? I watched tank spot and seen putricide. Its an evil fight. Sindragossa afterwards ofc is evil. the crimson council fight is easy enough, but you know something? I am dps. The basics of the fight consist of not being a retard, being aware of the mechanics, putting out appropiate dps and most of all staying alive. Each fight is different and I am watching them all now. Never thought I would be doing that this soon (poverty of ambition eh?) yet i feel excited. I am not hopeful. Jak has all but said I aint coming. His 4.8k gscore shammy was doing 7k he said but he knew the tactics and how is it fair for him to bring untried dps to a fight where ONE member will wipe the raid? I totally agree. I havent seen the fight. He hasnt seen me play to know I am not a huntard. He can NOT know that I am not a moron who has by fluke found ej and thats where i got my talent spec and gem/enchants (its not btw its through my own personal experience of how I play). I will be very surprised if I get into this raid.

Excuse me gotta run. Gonna watch tankspot again again until 14:00 in case i do. wish me luck.

A shadowmouses tale...

about three weeks ago (during some big guild drama that was making it unpleasant to be logged on tbh), another guildie came on and asked for some help. He wanted people to come make lev 1 alts on ally side of another server to sign his new guild charter. The official explantion for this was he wanted support in place for his new worgen character come cataclysm (cough). Well anything for a guildie...

So over I go. made a priest, explored hummie starting area. got to lev 6. left for goldshire. Picked up loads of lev ten quests and promptly started dieing. Alot. As in couldnt do the fucking quests. Ffs just walking into the woods there are bears and wolves at level 9, wide patrol areas (they move about alot) huge aggro radius (this is like being in borean tundra at level 55) I can kill one, but while doing so another adds. So i kill it. Then another add. Then I am OOM. Then I die. I tried running. Doesnt work as i just pull more mobs. So I gave up and went to storm wind.

I wasnt expecting much, but I wanted to check the AH just to see before i deleted the character. Well I had a surprise! I dont know if I have been spoilt or retarded by the horde saurfang AH, as everything that is possible to get is on it, usually by at least 2 suppliers and any auction you post is guarenteed to be undercut within a few hours. There are very few bargains for resale, any bargains you bid on get the bids returned to you within an hour and anything tasty (like a razormaw hatchling) sells very fast. In a nut shell it works very well for a casual raider like me, but I will never make money with it. I rely on my daily Hcs, and tips from my blacksmithing with the odd daily quest when I can be bothered to keep me supplied with flasks, ice blade arrows and repairs for my raiding and pvp..

Well it was like christmas here! the 6 silver i had i turned into 1gold 50 in a matter of 5 minutes. i kept logging in every day, did a ah scan then made bids and did my work etc. No more then 10-15 minutes every day. The shadowmouse was made on a sunday, by the saturday morning she had 119g with stuff still up for auction. I was trading frozen orbs, eternals, borean leather and many other trade mats. I met up with a lev 10 guy who helped me get to 9 and do my quests and I was happy. Kinda had penciled in getting to 250g for the course of the weekend...

Well. Best laid plans of mice and men eh? Shes been retired for a bit, as I level my shammy. Still what a market! goblin heaven :P

Monday, May 31, 2010

The joy of a raider

Its a funny thing when you pug raids. Suppose its like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get. Unless of course you read the box and the fucking descriptions of the chocies. Well yesterday I pugged an icc10. I missed the guild run as they hosted it at times when I work. So I was looking for a pug on my nights off over the weekend.

So first pug I found on trade, this nice DK, seemed happy to take me. For some reason my gscore add on is broken. I look at the raid browser and it only shows me half the gscores. Real random. Anyway I digress. The tank that joined was a 5.7k gscore warrior who wasnt so burdened. He started looking at peoples gear, meanwhile i was looking at him with el groups (well the tank IS the most important bit) and i saw how experienced he was (very) at about the same time he was pointing out in raid chat that our dk and his dk friend were wearing hateful gladiator gear. When called on it the dks response was yeah I am trying to get gear in ICC thats why we are going. At which pt the warrior leaves along with 2 other dps and I am looking at these 2 dks, i know are pvp geared with gscore in mid 4000s (I dont have an issue with running ICC with 4.6k gscore, thats 4 piece T9 and its plenty if your not a moron) missing gems and enchants. Then I see the warrior is advertising his own raid in trade...

So my second pug. The warrior was asking for achievs for first 6 bosses and uber gear. He kept me hanging for about 25 mins periodically asking me questions. Now my gear is nice but not brilliant, but it is correctly gemmed and enchanted. My talents are where they should be and I can talk about them at boring length as to why each and every point is where it is. I have achievs for first 4 bosses, but have always wiped on festergut and rotface and never got past those. I have however seen the fights more then once and know the tactics. Eventually I was allowed into the pug. It took a long time for the pug to form when we did it was as you would expect a pretty decent group including a kingslayer so we could do the lootship on hardmode.

So we walked through marrowgar, strolled through Lady deathwhisper, managed to wipe a few times on the hc lootship (don't ask how I dont know either) then one shotted saurfang, at which point enough people had to go that the raid was called. All in all very nice, especially for me as the bow droped from marowgar and I got the frost giant cleaver from the lootship. Another one of those to dual wield and I can put anguish onto the wall over my characters fireplace. As my gscore grows, I have less trouble getting into the better pugs and my goal of one day toppling the Lich king draws closer. I just have to be sure to check the labels so I dont get saved to an M&S wipefest.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A beginning

A beginning post for a new blogger. Hmm what to post? why I am posting? the blogs that i read that inspired me to start my own? the warm fussy feeling it gives me that if I do post my inner thoughts someone, somewhere might actually give a flying monkeys? Nah fuck that crap kinda writing for my own amusment while my auctioneer is scanning and I am fking bored watching trade chat.

Had a long serious chat with the Holy paladin of our wannabe raid guild other day. We are a social guild that was losing members when they grew up enough to want to goto ICC. Through tears and drama we have managed to find our way into the ICC and things are looking up. In a good part I believe cos when it came to my turn to leave and I paniced looking at the online application form for my chosen raiding guild, more specifcally at their rejection thread, full of better applicants then moi. So I made a pug. Filled it with a few willing guildies and some peeps I found by spamming trade "Lfm ICC 10 dont need achieves just full t9 with correct gems/enchants"

Its a funny thing when you down saurfang for the first time. Getting the storming the citadel achiev. I imagine its quite a milestone for most players. For me, doing it leading my first raid ever, it was fucking hugher then hitting level 80 and I have to say was on a par with mediocre sex or a dam good wank. In fact I wanted sex immediatly at that point, but hey cant have cherry on every cake right? I had been trying to get into Icc dailey for like 2 months, but couldnt find a way past the no achiev no invite barrier. (ps thank you greedy goblin for telling me about under achiever AFTER I got the fucking achievment :P). Well i traded that achiev for a place on an ICC 25 pug, got storming the citadel there and now i can join most ICC pugs in the game (except the real good ones that actually down arthas) Yey me!

So anyway. Back to the chat. the guild is following my progression at the same rate. they got a good core of goodish players with decent gear who have stopped raiding fking nax and are now going in twice a week and getting to saurfang. Its all gravy except... we have 3 hunters. One elemental shamen. no resto shammy and no tree. Thus the reason why I was given a talking to, cos its clear the guild needs a resto shammy far more then it needs my hunter, 9k dps or not, which i can always pug with anyway.

Thus I have a new shammy "ghostmeercat" (yeah kept a rodent thing going I am funny that way) got him upto lev 27 gonna go push him to 30 in a bit when this scan.. oh goody the scans done
bye bye