Sunday, September 5, 2010

Au revoir Benny

Well yesterday My alpha rat Benny passed away. Hes been fading last 6 weeks or so, its old age he was 3 and a half years old. I segretated him away from the rest of the pack two weeks ago, when I came back from work and found him nearly catatonic and covered in bite marks from the others. I dont know why its pack nature to kill an old leader who falls, but I guess we see the same behaviour in the media with they way they handle celebrities, politicians even the England football manager.

Well after I took him out, started to nurse him, he managed a bit of food over next few days, started grooming again (very bad sign that had stopped: he was always a proud rat, grooming was always going on when he wasnt eating or exploring) he was alert sometimes, not in obvious pain or distress, but mainly slept. His back legs had stopped working, so he dragged himself about, but careful examination showed he was trying to use them. He lost a shed load of weight and was sad to see his emaciated state. So I been getting him out sleeping next to him, just spending time letting him curl up to me. Yesterday when I went to check him, he was cold, barely a heartbeat. So i stroked him a bit, he stirred a little, so put him under my shirt, to try and share some bodyheat with him, went to sleep. Woke up and he was gone, curled up and peaceful.

You know theres an old song Guess my little boy broke even. Worse ways to leave this world I guess.

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  1. Yes he did. I can't think of a better way to leave this world in the arms of those you love. This is a better ending than any that was running through your mind before.