Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Civ5 yey!

What more needs adding? bought the game. Installing it now. Civ was an awesum game in its original format, though i prefered coloniaztion. The combat though was wierd, this battle ship has an attack of 16 that bronze age spearman has a def of 2. so every 9th time the battleship lost to the spear man and died instead. Well they fixed that in Civ2, a game I truely loved. Played it for years long after civ3 and civ4 came out. Truely amazing and one of my all time favourites. Civ 3 was simply broken. they regressed the combat system back to civ1 and let corrupution run so rampant that the game was unplayable. Any redeeming features in it were lost by these 2 failed mechanics. So Civ4? awesum game yes. As good as civ2? no. It seemed to lack so many things upto and including the ease which I could knock out a scenario to test my self (imagine if you will two small islands with enough room for 4 cities, small cities with a fair bit of production, linked by a 1 wide 20 long land bridge, identical resources and its the mongols or romans on the other end. place the 8 cities, make them lev 3 with 1 def unit each and go...) Idk, civ4 seemed to lose its way a bit with its own cleverness. Loved religions, loved some of the scenarios, found the editor didnt work for me, seriously enjoyed warring at the top difficulty levels. I have to say though that if I am in a peaceful "building" mood and want to try a space ship, prince has always been the best level for that, simply its where your closest to the ai in equality of resource manufacture and peaceful ai civs will leave you alone as long as your similar in power levels to them (ie your not a tasy snack). I always found it ironic that ai civs would only be friendly to equals and seemed to virtually commit suicide when you were twice as strong as they were. I think civ 4 at diety levels closer resemebles the free for alls you used to find in quake. very good fun and the games are short. Anyway. Civ5, they seem to have cut down the tech tree a little, made some things easier so lets see. If the games as good as I hope it is, see you all in a week.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pvp musings

I got to thinking lately about why I pvp. What brought this to the fore front of my mind was a recent arathi basin battle we got pwned in. You know the drill, 6 good ally players take out each objective against the countless horde, all playing as individuals. fk knows what the rest of the allies were doing, probably wetting themselves in joy and watching us be taken apart. I couldnt get into the game, a run in and wyvern sting that lock, oh dear stunned by a pali, charged by a warrior and oh yes thats a rogue just shadowstepped behind you. squish. Then they moved on to the next sucke... i mean fellow horde comrade in arms. So i ducked out from the farm battle, which resembles world war one (charging machine guns from the front) and it took a couple of goes but i got clear. Gm was undefended, but I was spotted by a lock and he was chasing me, so I didnt tarry. he didnt follow me beyond it thankfully, as I am pretty sure I couldnt have taken him and I got to the stables where a druid was fighting an ally frost mage. Now we all know how that goes, they freeze you to the ground, blink behind you and rape you. If yr lucky enough to actually get a few hard blows in they iceblock. Bitch of an opponent and this one was tough, he near took me down (while the druid healed himself and watched me do it for him). So i get a quick flag capture in while waiting for him to run back from the gyard to defend the stables and I get a w "dont cap!" why? "let them win" fuck that. I had canceled my flag capture as I thought he had a reason something sneaky maybe, like dont let them know we are here or something. So I took the flag. Got alot of "***** retard!!" over bg chat for it. I simply replied they aint getting their achievment for owning 5 bases here. "what really? you will wait an extra 2 mins to finish a lost bg just to deny them an achievment?" yes. Well allies won that game with 3 bases and any hordies dont like the fact I didnt roll over and die, they had the opportunity to put me on ignore.

As time has gone by my attitude to the allies has hardened. Wheras I used to ignore or even help them, it has slowly devolved into an an unreasoning hatred of the opposite faction. There was a 58 human pali today, stood in uc court yard. I dont know why or what he thought he was doing. After my exy shot killed him, it cost me 2 secs till the combat flag left me and I could remount, it cost me an arrow it was just a waste of time and didnt even register as a honour kill. It felt good though, made me smile. I sometimes see them in northrend while flying around, espec in grizzly hills, they do the pvp quests to help level and then I kill them. Or they fight in wg then all goto fish for the daily in scol basin. In fishing gear with pvp flags up. I get some pointed comments sometimes from other horde, they dont feel its appropiate maybe.

I didnt think it was appropiate when as a lev 74 I was going through the argent crusade quest chain of opening crusaders pinacleand doing the quest where you free trapped crusaders from webs and while busy in a fight 3 webs were popped around me by a lev 80 nelf hunter. The joy of hunters in that quest is we can track undead, so we can see which webs have neurabian ambushers in and which have trapped crusaders. Ofc it meant he could leave me with 3 higher level elites then sit on his dragon emoting "laughs at you" while they tore my pet apart and I fdeathed on the floor. If I had been a different class I would have died for sure, with a repair bill. I am reminded when I was a noob lev 20 something questing in ashenvale. got a quest taking me across to the beach on the other side of the zone and as I ride down it, I get tagged by the guards of astranar. Who the living fuck thought it was a good idea to put the main ally town slap bang in the middle of the main road? what the hell is that about? I didnt die from the guards, I got clear of them but they turned my flag on. Which the ??? gnome rogue really appreciated as he one shotted me then camped my body. Killed me 3 times, once i was lieing down behind a bank (I have no idea how he figured i was there, I was careful on that ress!), my pvp flag went off after that and he went on his way. good sport for him I am sure. If it had been a pvp server I would have had to have logged out and gone played mafia wars for an hour I guess.

I can give more examples, but I guess the point is the more time I spend around and with the opposite faction the more my dislike for them grows. The more stunts I watch them pull the more ruthlessly I gank any ally I can. Pretty much for me now if its red its dead and I will go out of my way to do it. It is very irrational though and that concerns me. I should maybe get a handle on this and throttle this behaviour back.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Au revoir Benny

Well yesterday My alpha rat Benny passed away. Hes been fading last 6 weeks or so, its old age he was 3 and a half years old. I segretated him away from the rest of the pack two weeks ago, when I came back from work and found him nearly catatonic and covered in bite marks from the others. I dont know why its pack nature to kill an old leader who falls, but I guess we see the same behaviour in the media with they way they handle celebrities, politicians even the England football manager.

Well after I took him out, started to nurse him, he managed a bit of food over next few days, started grooming again (very bad sign that had stopped: he was always a proud rat, grooming was always going on when he wasnt eating or exploring) he was alert sometimes, not in obvious pain or distress, but mainly slept. His back legs had stopped working, so he dragged himself about, but careful examination showed he was trying to use them. He lost a shed load of weight and was sad to see his emaciated state. So I been getting him out sleeping next to him, just spending time letting him curl up to me. Yesterday when I went to check him, he was cold, barely a heartbeat. So i stroked him a bit, he stirred a little, so put him under my shirt, to try and share some bodyheat with him, went to sleep. Woke up and he was gone, curled up and peaceful.

You know theres an old song Guess my little boy broke even. Worse ways to leave this world I guess.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Now I am angry

You know what? the one thing I won't have is being wanked on. Its not happening I am NOT ok with it. So having had my icc10 blow up in my fking face, and being skipped again for icc25 I didnt expect this to happen in a sanctioned icc25 run. Now palp is an alt off a raider mage, hes advertised his raid in gchat and trade as such, its a guild sanctioned run right? wrong. Fking tool was grr. fk it. You know what? i can whine like a bitch all day, all that matters is 1 person left before we hit rotface, he refused to replce them "oh noes dont save people..." people want in fuck wit!!! anyone and everyone has 4/12, 7/12 would sell 10k knobhead! and we end up fking 4/12 cos dickwad calls the raid. I remonsrate him in private: nothing like I really feel where I tell him how I wish i was telepathic and could command his telephone cable to throttle him, no its stil civil, but hes telling me to stop talking or he will ignore me. Fk you. last raid of yrs I join. Idiot. I had people asking me to join as you knew cos I told ya and so did others. When people are saying inv xxx 5.6kgscode dps kslayer, you dont call the raid unless yr a tool, oh wait...

Fuckwit. So while they ranted and raved about why they werent happy and I told erm it was right they had a point, that would be addressed; The worse of this is we are supposed to pug Icc10 and voa, its why we dont do guild runs, supposed to be ambassadors...

Well I didnt handle it well. I admit. I went running to an officer like a little fucking weasel. Ya i grassed the fucker up. Ya know what kira said? you shouldnt be doing icc25 anyway. well yeah, but sanctioned grun right?? nope. why you getting locked out on me? oh hes harmed our rep? oh dear, erm i will ask him about this. [kiraous has gone offline] end of chat with ma officer. FFS. So A) it wasnt sanctioned, B) i pissed off my raid leader by getting locked out for fuckface and C) I am saved 4/12 icc25 as well as 6/12 icc10 this week. Mainly cos of fkwits.

Ya know I see my errors, its not like I am blind. No one owes me fuck all. A lock out, a spot I have to earn it. I am doing this completely wrong and upside down. I dont expect a free ride. I dont expect to carry fuckwits 4/12 though then bite my toungue when they give up on it. So I guess its timne to stop associateing with fkwits, regardless of their guild know having light under yr char name doesnt mean your not a fuckwit: it means your a fuckwit with light under your char name.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

the misery of failure

You know I left naked gang my old guild because of failure. truth be told thats what it was. the failure ofc being my own. Its not that being in ng was making me unhappy, hell i was fking over joyed, used to run home from work to join the g chat. But i couldnt get a decent icc25 run to save my life, just wasnt happening. So with the failure of my afterlife overtures, and the failure of the launch of my 2nd icc10 team, mainly cos the people i recruited left the guild inside 2 weeks, then I met astu doing a os3d run for achiev, well ast was the holadin officer who persuaded me to take on my shammy for the good of the guild. Then astu left for a better progressed guild. So when astu said gerby we stalled on lk: want to come? I did. So now I am a member of light: one of the top server guilds, 6 i think. doing hc 25s and loving the loot and kingslayer title et al. Except I am not. I am still failing.

Last week went 6/12 in a stupid pug, supposed to be people with 7/12 achievs but tbh half the guys fought each other more then the mobs. went 6/12 and there you go, called. week before I went 0/12. Got in, but dps was pathetic. 5.5kgscore rogues doing 2k with buff. The 3.8kgscore boomkin (kingslayer on my alt honest!) doing 5k 2nd on meters under me. 6k ks bear /w me an apology cos with all due respect this group cant take out marrowgar, he doesnt want to be saved on this so he's passing and would i like to join his pug later?. Week before that I went 1/12 on an advertised alt boost run to go 4/12. even there i had fkers leaving halfway through. I also got /w asking why i was doing that. I mean seriously? ks pro gear? you dont have to do this man... well. beats not raiding at all i think.

So this week rite, doing it properly. rolled up my sleeves, got to buisness. inspect north dal bank with eg,going 10/12 you dont have gems/enchants dont bother me ty. Well it didnt fking work. I handed raid to a ten man ks so lootship could be hc, she handed it back to another (diff) raider, who then dictacted order of raid. after saur went to bcouncil (a mistake) did fester then rot. then a druid left. after that droped mini boss before dreamwalker and raid called. No try to replace "wont save anyone else to this" despite i had dps on call waiting to join. and yes they would have joined for the achievment. I always go for dreamwalker first, shes easier of all of them. Anyway, i quibble, point is i gave my raid over. Cant argue with the fact I am 6/12 again, just point out that again i have failed. Always failure.

You know greedy goblin/gevlon goes on alot about the m(orons) and s(lackers) who infest this game of ours, you know the ones I talk about, they were in this afternoon, /w me with there 71 talent specs and there ungemmed t9 and hateful gladiator gear. Well this is an mmorpg. Its about finding ten people (or 25) who are similar to you, in abilty and experience. Then going out and playing together. The fact I cant do this... I might as well just go fking gem for spell power seriously, I am just as lame, my results just as bad. I am failing at this game. I dont fucking like it, but its the sad and sorry truth. My continual failure to be able to find a group that can do anything that matters in the game eats at me. this example of my incompetance is unacceptable to me and its painful to admit. Its not like i can just wave a hand and say "ManS lol", cos ffs I am attracting decent players here. I also see what true good leaders do with top raiders on this server. suppose one disadvantage of occasionally getting into top pugs/raids you see the best and are shown yr place. I give an example here, cos its important to put into perspective.

There was an uld25 achiev run going down 2 weeks ago, saw it advertised alot, then later on gchat when looking for replacments. I got in there later after my dailes 2 bosses down and we went an wiped straight on next load of trash (ofc) so we came back in and i laid a fish feast. thats when i heard over vent (yeah did i mention the run was organised by foam, top horde guild on saurfang and we used vent?) "nightgerbil is in the raid? (laughter)" pretty much my rep i think. Took some comfat from replies of "nightgerbils pro man" and from the raid leader:"erm yeah nightgerbil has run with us before, hes always done real well despite being worse geared then most cos he listens to what i say and does what i asks" Well as a reference to "can you raid" I think that from the raid leader of top horde guild on my server isnt exactly damming, but its still not good that my prescence is worth mentioning. I then watched the raid carefully. It might seem he was kick happy, but ya know adrenaline (foam leader) and kira (my raid leader) kick people in the middle of fights. They kick between fights as well, but the point is they are hard with it. Dont perform, fail at mechanics and its bye bye. No question or discussion. So while I sit here pondering my failure, I look at the reason why i was /w wasnt passed lead of my own fucking raid back to me: "you are to soft on the pugs".

Something to ponder while I kick myself for failing AGAIN.