Saturday, November 27, 2010

patch 4.03 finally!!

At last! the end of that godawful 4.01. Man that sucked. paying 2 months subscription for a broken game sucked hard. My hunter was broken in pvp. My enhance shaman was just flat crud. Honestly, when every caster watched their dps rise through the roof, to watch my hunters dps take a 30% nerf and my shammy stuck doing 6k dps on deathbringer saurfang hurt. My shaman couldnt raid, he couldnt earn a raid spot with anyone. The hunter was just farming stupid content. Silly pointless achievs when i wasnt out getting ganked. It was horrid. Took some alts out of the stable though. Got a warlock to lev 26. That was fun. bgs were murder though as her dots tick for 260 for there entire duration, wheras a hunters arcane hits me for 250 and a rogues ambush hits me for 300. I was stood at an ab flag with someone, watched an ally druid ride up, he dismounted, when to kitty form and stealthed. I started casting rain of fire about where he would be moving through. 2 secs later he pounced and one shotted me. I ressed in time to see him finish off my team mate, started to cast: one shotted again by him. Now this has been a recurring theme for me in the bgs. Now lock damage has taken a -12% nerf, well I think I will abandon that alt again. Dps who cant dps are NOT fun to play.

Oh got my holadin past lev 40. up from 24ish. awesum sauce. great fun in bgs, keeping a hunter or a rogue up through hard 4-5:1 gang bangs and watching them kill eveyone then look around sliglty bemused wondering "wtf did I just do? how did that happen?" Runing dungeons with looking for group while being 3rd on the dps meter as a healer. Although I think I need to toughen up there and get stricter. maybe make a macro saying "dps you pull it, you will get heals but not at the expense of the tank and if you los me I wont chase after you and los the tank". I always kinda thought it sucked hard that a healer would simply let me die, to "raid" damage ie the stuff you cant avoid. Even when the tank was fine, his mana was fine and he would keep up the melee dps. I can say now for a fact that its hard work when ya got a rogue and enhance shaman and a warrior in zul farrack, all tanking away their own packs of mobs (4-5) in each, while the warlock is life tapping his way to full mana for the most amazing bursts of dps I have ever seen at that level. It was nuts it was crazy, it was intense. Dam good fun though.

Anyway 4.03. At last! Hunters back. Doing well at pvp, its fun again. Dps is back in ICC, 15k single target dps, 27k aoe on trash packs. I can live with that. Time to go explore the great knew world. While trying to "stand in the fire"?