Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who knows?

Yesterday was very frustrating for me. My guild was supposed to be doing an allied run with the afterlife on ICC25 on friday and sunday. Idea being our guys filled out their 25 man team we go 4/12 friday and 7/12+ on the sunday. Well the raid happened on friday but I got kicked from it, as by the time it filled it was only 1hr 30 mins before I had to leave for work and they had canceled the sunday run, it was all happening then. I wasnt happy. Even more unhappy next day when I learnt that from our end it was a disaster, our gm was kicked for bad gear and no enchants, half our guys didnt show up, our lock turned up with no soul stones and apparantly in pvp gear, plus our tank kept being one shotted by fester. All in all a handicap for the afterlife not a help and not the best start for either guild. Ill will and bad feelings all round I gather, but hey screw it.

So I made an icc25 yesterday. I promised myself I wasnt going to suffer the pain anymore. I am tired of the 71 specced hateful gladiator wearing scum giving me abuse when i say no sorry, "lol I cant afford epic gems" and the 800dps fury warrior telling me he needs to be in icc for the gear. No you dont. You need to be learning how to play your class. Still sometimes even I fail and i was pissed off ok?

So I did it. a simple "lfm icc25 need all clean run." thats it. no achievs, no inspects, nothing. another run started after i did i /w them talked to him abit. I had 7, he had 4 so we merged. Then a Foam guy (top horde raid guild on my server) /w me. brought in a few more top guys. Insisted on being master looter. So ya what the hell. Have it. 4 good people and I played with Foam before and they were always pros.

Got a great team it turned out. Two kingslayers, many hardmode raiders and a few newbies with 5k gscore who didnt have the achiev and werent sure about tactics. (those i coached via /w, i didnt shame them. I find this the best way to handle beginners in pugs, the ones taht want to learn anyway). Some of the dps was a bit low, but top ten were all 6k plus 12k on trash aoe fests.

By the time my summons came they were already clearing trash, it was pretty much hands off leading, they werent listening anyway. I spent most my time coaching the new guys in /w. Got a "l33te" point out we had 3 survial huntards so I came back with "when youve stopped pulling I can switch to mm and actually buff?" so they let me buff. which was nice. At which pt ofc my dps fell through the floor. FFS I must be the only tool who goes from surv to mm in full t10 and has his fking dps drop. /facepalm. 6.5k on marrowgar, 8.5 ldw, died on gunship. switched to survial again cos it was embarrasing for the frost giant weeklie quest and saurfang. All hunky dory everyone is happy, lets do rotface first and dream walker the we go for fester who might be a bit hard, then try pp? "ya ok gerby". Then it happened. Saurfang loot theres a protectors mark and a nice 1handed rogue sword. I stated in raid I wanted the sword, it was an upgrade, but I would never roll against the rogue for it. The other hunter who rolled apologised and to general murmers of approval I stated we dont roll on their daggers and swords they dont roll on our bows. Thats when the fury warrior won and received the sword. Then the warrior who won the roll on the mark of sanct saw the shammy who was second get the mark. 98 and 95 I think the rolls were. Now to be fair I think it was a genuine mistake by eley, but the raid went into uproar. I got it sorted, the rogue got his sword and the warrior the mark, but it was too late. 7 people had left. then before I could try to replace 4 more followed as they doubted I could replace. So I called it. Hstoned to Dal where I put a big thank you out on trade. Incidently I did that into a spam war, as my raid publically argued it out for all to see, "ninjas!" "leaving the fking raid morons!" etc.

Still I did some good, 8 frosts and 5 from the ICC weeklie for all. One of the new hunters got zods longbow and thats huge for him. Several got their storming the citadel achievment which should buy there way into moron pugs in the future. Several /w of thank yous which the social in me liked. My reputaion slighty grows, I am finding more decent people, better people are starting to notice me and wanting to tag along, plus a decent raid performance by me got noticed by a few members of some of the top server guilds, which cant hurt I guess for the future. Maybe just maybe its worth perserving with this pug leading. With a group like that I couldnt get past 4/12? ya but I know why and that wont happen again.

Maybe just maybe if I keep banging my head against the brick wall, the wall will fall down and then the headache will stop? Who knows?