Monday, September 26, 2011

T13 set bonuses announced

Yes folks T13 has been announced or at least the first public draft of them. Already on wowinsider and other places a chorus of tears has wailed its woe to the heavens asking "why oh great and furious ghostcrawler why? how art I angered thee?" Well firstly some of these bonuses are insanely op (looking at you hunter 2p) while others seem to very little. We have warlocks having their long doomguard summons getting buffed, we have hunters being so awash with focus we will be spamming instant arcane shots. We have ret paladins being able to use judgements to generate holy power and enhance shaman generating maelstrom procs with the ghost wolves and then getting buffed for the instant cast lightining from said wolves. Rogues can pop tricks for an increase of burst and kitties get a mechanic that rewards them running out of combat and then feral charging back in. Why oh Blizz gods Why did you do this???? I think I have a clue. The deathwing fight is going to be the ultimate dance boss. Melee wont be able to stay within melee and casters aint gonna be given 2.4 secs to stand still to get off a shadowbolt. Its going to be a pig, its going to be brutal and its just the type of arcane platform game that leaves me cold. So despite the fact this hunter is drooling over his glorious set bonuses (which honestly CANNOT make it live, we would be impossible to balance unless you want to half the damage of all our shots) I am crying tears too. In fact I broke my QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ key see? held it down so much :(. Difference between me and the forum tears though Is I am thinking about what these set bonuses mean, not just ranting on about how inner rage is rarely used on an arms warrior: think moron!! Its going to be if their raid prototype stays in its current alpha form. I dont know if this will happen of course. Its where I am placing my bets though.