Wednesday, May 18, 2011

oh tanking oh pain oh joy

What can I say? I made a tank. A proper tank. A paladin omg "sick bitch" tank.

I played at tanking before with my warr, but really It was a poor experience. This one though my word. Helps I heirloomed it to death. Spent a fortune on enchants, blues and armour kits for the duration of her trip to level 85. She always had gems in the mail box from my jc for all her tbc and wrath gear slots. Was a mixed experience.

You know looking back, the questing was a dream, fantastic, real fun. Even after the magic lev 60 when yr in "boring" old content it was dam good fun. She rolled so much shit over, did nagrand and zul arenas at her lev SOLO (roflmao) went into ungoro at lev 49 and killed devilsaurs for the giggle. elites 6 levs above me. Damn Blizz nerfed this game so hard...

Anyway, so ya ridiculous silly leveling. Sitting outside the alliance port in howling fjord on a spawn point and leting it auto attack its way 3 levels for 6 hrs was cool ya. Pvp though: what was that? didnt do alot on this one. a few bgs at lev 12-13. one shotting rogues with avenging shield. Learning to fear hunters. Met a shadow preist in stv while questing, it dotted me, I rode off, rode deep into the hills and hit lay on hands. Idiot followed me. opps. avenging shield silences. then my stun. then oh knows, yr dead. this was in my lev thirties. I didnt pvp much after that, a few alterac valleys (kills 17, deaths 7. kills 20, deaths 5. that sort of thing) made so much easier by being a tank. Healers like tanks in av. That has to be what it is. On my hunter, I get death gripped and raped by 4 bad guys and 15 guys ride past without helping. Simply announcing hey guys I be a tonk, well its simple aint it? get me with a healer to the last boss and we win and its triples all around at the bar afterwards. I get death gripped, theres 3 healers spamming me heals with rogues, dks all around spazzing out on the bad guys. Cant get killing blows in for all the help I get :P.

World pvp apart from the silly spriest, I met a shaman in borean tundra, it attacked me after I had rounded several other mobs up. It died in my aoe along with the gnomishmechnognomes. I thought it was a rare :P until the honour gain and I couldnt loot it lol. then it anked and popped wolves, and tried to heal. Well I might have flown away from the ankh, cos I aint a cunt, but the wolves is a duel flag as far as I am concerned. Might as well have hit bloodlust. Avenging shield interupts heals, hammer of oh I am sorry you appear to be badly wounded, and yey more honour to me. At lev 83 I went back from deephol to vashir to unlock the earthen ring qmaster, had a lev 80 paladin attack me. He did it strangely, we were both killing eels. he killed mine, I helped him kill his. after we looted, he attacked me, so I stunned him and swam off to give him time to think (with me being 3 levs up on him and having deepholm gear etc), but he followed. So I killed him swiftly. Went on my way. Well next big trash pull I did for next quest, had 3 briney serperents on me, he showed up again with a friend! a lev 80/81dk. They both died in my aoe. Honestly this sounds sicker then it is, but really as a protadin you hammer off an aoe rotation on 2-3+ mobs which isnt much short of yr 1v1 rotation and you really spank asses. Yes I use aoe rotations in bgs and yes I do rape people with them.

Tanking though...
it warrents a seperate post. In a nut shell it was traumatic. I dont care what the group does, I soloed every dung at my lev until I hit northrend without drama. I recall one dung where the dps had given me grief (blackrock mountain) they all died cos they pulled while my everything was on cd, they all died and were calling me to wipe. They watched from their bodies as I soloed the boss, then ressed them one by one. Then asked them to please let me pull. Yet 50% of all groups will not let me pull. Yeah I am a paladin but I dont have an aoe taunt. If the hunter starts nuking the axemaster and the lock starts on the warmaster and the frost mage frost novas the 3 caster mobs half way to reaching me (despite I pulled them with avenging shield cos the silence makes casters melee me which lets my melee attack them holding aggron on them and not on you) I have a big problem. Its so simple, so easy for me, just give me 5 secs

5 secs.

AGAIN just 3 globals!! 5 fucking seconds!!! WTF is the matter with you? and then the abuse comes: "this tank..." "noob tank" "l2p retard" "l2 hold aggro". Fuck you all. I would rather solo the content. I would rather forgoe the leveling advantages of dungeons and solo quest/pvp to 85. Fk you and your sad and sorry shit. No a free pet/mount bag isnt gonna make me do it. They can go wallow in their 45 minute dps queues. Now I am 85, buying gear of the ah, ran a bh pug with a nice group let me roll with them despite undergeared (ya tanks are really short full stop. strange huh?) they were like ya a tank!!! omg, ya YOU dont have to worry about gear...

Long story short. Ya I am a tank. You wont be seeing me in yr lfg queue though. You cant pay pay me enough to suffer your bullshit.