Friday, January 6, 2012

Moron of the day

Hey there,

Over on the Greedy goblin he has a running feature called "moron of the day", It can be quite entertaining. I submitted this screenshot to him a while ago, but he didnt run it so I will publish it here. Honestly I just dont get some people, they have no idea about opportunity cost and no appreciation for the time and gold it cost them to level a profession. Its right up there with "I can sell my belt buckles for 5g each and its still profit cos I farm for free LOL!!!1". No moron. You just used 50g worth of mats and if you had just sold the mats on the auction house you would be 45g better off. If you hadnt bothered at all you would be 3 hours of your life better off. Times money too. Anyway I digress. This isnt the most stupid thing I ever saw in game by a mile, but I think it sums up why a casual guy like me can still rank in the top 10% of players.

The most amount of gold I ever made

In a nutshell i bought an epic gem for 3k. tried to flog it on trade for an hour and gave up, cut it to agilty so I could use it if it didnt sell and put it on the AH. Wish I had rolled a JC years ago.