Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Civ5 yey!

What more needs adding? bought the game. Installing it now. Civ was an awesum game in its original format, though i prefered coloniaztion. The combat though was wierd, this battle ship has an attack of 16 that bronze age spearman has a def of 2. so every 9th time the battleship lost to the spear man and died instead. Well they fixed that in Civ2, a game I truely loved. Played it for years long after civ3 and civ4 came out. Truely amazing and one of my all time favourites. Civ 3 was simply broken. they regressed the combat system back to civ1 and let corrupution run so rampant that the game was unplayable. Any redeeming features in it were lost by these 2 failed mechanics. So Civ4? awesum game yes. As good as civ2? no. It seemed to lack so many things upto and including the ease which I could knock out a scenario to test my self (imagine if you will two small islands with enough room for 4 cities, small cities with a fair bit of production, linked by a 1 wide 20 long land bridge, identical resources and its the mongols or romans on the other end. place the 8 cities, make them lev 3 with 1 def unit each and go...) Idk, civ4 seemed to lose its way a bit with its own cleverness. Loved religions, loved some of the scenarios, found the editor didnt work for me, seriously enjoyed warring at the top difficulty levels. I have to say though that if I am in a peaceful "building" mood and want to try a space ship, prince has always been the best level for that, simply its where your closest to the ai in equality of resource manufacture and peaceful ai civs will leave you alone as long as your similar in power levels to them (ie your not a tasy snack). I always found it ironic that ai civs would only be friendly to equals and seemed to virtually commit suicide when you were twice as strong as they were. I think civ 4 at diety levels closer resemebles the free for alls you used to find in quake. very good fun and the games are short. Anyway. Civ5, they seem to have cut down the tech tree a little, made some things easier so lets see. If the games as good as I hope it is, see you all in a week.

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  1. Meh. what can I say? big disapointment. Its been dumbed down to the status of the xbox title that bore the civ franchise. Guess all the dumb fucks couldnt handle proper city managment. As it stands its about as tricky as a command and conquer, age of empires or any other rts. Theres no depth or complexity here and it only leaves me to mourn what might have been. ffs. I want MORE not less!!!!