Saturday, September 4, 2010

Now I am angry

You know what? the one thing I won't have is being wanked on. Its not happening I am NOT ok with it. So having had my icc10 blow up in my fking face, and being skipped again for icc25 I didnt expect this to happen in a sanctioned icc25 run. Now palp is an alt off a raider mage, hes advertised his raid in gchat and trade as such, its a guild sanctioned run right? wrong. Fking tool was grr. fk it. You know what? i can whine like a bitch all day, all that matters is 1 person left before we hit rotface, he refused to replce them "oh noes dont save people..." people want in fuck wit!!! anyone and everyone has 4/12, 7/12 would sell 10k knobhead! and we end up fking 4/12 cos dickwad calls the raid. I remonsrate him in private: nothing like I really feel where I tell him how I wish i was telepathic and could command his telephone cable to throttle him, no its stil civil, but hes telling me to stop talking or he will ignore me. Fk you. last raid of yrs I join. Idiot. I had people asking me to join as you knew cos I told ya and so did others. When people are saying inv xxx 5.6kgscode dps kslayer, you dont call the raid unless yr a tool, oh wait...

Fuckwit. So while they ranted and raved about why they werent happy and I told erm it was right they had a point, that would be addressed; The worse of this is we are supposed to pug Icc10 and voa, its why we dont do guild runs, supposed to be ambassadors...

Well I didnt handle it well. I admit. I went running to an officer like a little fucking weasel. Ya i grassed the fucker up. Ya know what kira said? you shouldnt be doing icc25 anyway. well yeah, but sanctioned grun right?? nope. why you getting locked out on me? oh hes harmed our rep? oh dear, erm i will ask him about this. [kiraous has gone offline] end of chat with ma officer. FFS. So A) it wasnt sanctioned, B) i pissed off my raid leader by getting locked out for fuckface and C) I am saved 4/12 icc25 as well as 6/12 icc10 this week. Mainly cos of fkwits.

Ya know I see my errors, its not like I am blind. No one owes me fuck all. A lock out, a spot I have to earn it. I am doing this completely wrong and upside down. I dont expect a free ride. I dont expect to carry fuckwits 4/12 though then bite my toungue when they give up on it. So I guess its timne to stop associateing with fkwits, regardless of their guild know having light under yr char name doesnt mean your not a fuckwit: it means your a fuckwit with light under your char name.

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  1. Meh I tought about deleting this, but will leave it up to remind myself not to blog while drunk and angry. At least I unloaded here not on guild chat.