Friday, June 25, 2010

Back to the raiding grind stone

Well got back from my holidays on monday. Chilled out on wow, pugged the ICC10 and did the weeklie before the server reset. Got the frosties to get my 4 piece t10 at last. My guild has reached the stage where they are wiping on festergut, struggling to fill out the raid with pugs and generally wondering why so many guild level 80s prefer to pug I guess. Well I plan from now on to hold myself available for them. They usually start progression while I work, but I saw them trying fester on the monday night, I could have jumped in there if I wasnt already saved. The first 4 bosses in ICC are only 8 frosties anyway and theres only bracers and saurfangs trinket that drops that I want from them. So I am stopping pugging ICC10 and will try to enter guild runs with them.

I have turned my eye to running 25 man pugs. Basically every pug I can get into calls it after saurfang goes down. The pugs that go further I cant get into with the achiev for plague works. Now I remember how I got into ICC in the first place, i formed my own pug so thats what I am doing. Starting 15.00 server time on sunday (incidently clashing with the england match DOH!), an achievment run on the plague works, no pvp gear and no bad gems/enchants. Advertsing it already on trade and found a few good people to join it as well as a few guildies who signed up :).

Well then I had the idea to advertise it on the realm server. Bad move on my part. Not only was I accused of looking for boosts (oh come on!! If i was gonna do that I would have offer gold and/or asked for the achievment from my pugs that i was trying to get). I also got my spec picked apart to my dismay as well as general critism of everything from my gems and enchants to my lack of experience and general scrublike scrubness. Well actually the critics did help me, I fixed a few errors in my build and I actually appreciated that scrutiny from some of the top raiders on my server. It can only make me a better player. However it is also obvious that the realm forum is the talking shop for the top raiding guilds and so called "pros/hardcore/elite" and that I wont find the people I am aiming to reach there. ie people with my competence, inexperience, willingness to wipe 170 times to learn the fight and drop the boss and frustraion with the "no achiev no invite noob!" culture.

Now I know WHAT it is I know how to use it, but I will save my recruiting for in game. If I can I plan to try to convince the players who do come to accept saving the raid and doing it again next sunday. If I can do that and we get a few weeks in a row at it who knows? I might even see the LK fight before cataclysm. first things first though; lets see if I can find 24 people who arent interested in football.

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