Monday, June 21, 2010

My first /ignore in an LFG pug

I never really used /ignore. Always seemed kinda self defeating and childish. After all in a lfg or battleground the chances of meeting that person again are very slim, you probably wont remember them in a month anyway and if the ruck between you was really that bad they will probably ignore you anyway saving you the trouble of seeing their name again in yr ignored list and remembering what they did that wound you up, winding you up. I'd rather not dignify the rude and the moronic with memory of them thank you very much.

On the server itself its different. When I was a very small level 30 something trying to kill an elite without a guild or friends to help me, a kind level 80 offered to help me in return for 12 truesilver bars. So I handed them over and he agreed to do it in an hour or so when he finished his buisness. Ofc he never got back to me and ignored polite queries over the next few days as to when he might spare the time. I didnt ignore him though, I added him to my fr list. I know his name I will remember his name and I wont deal with or trust him again.

Today though I coldly made the caluculation to ignore a shammy healer with a 6.1G score and kingslayer title. It started with the first Hc of the day, ended up in Azjol-Nerub. Now being close to my glory of the hero achievment I asked when i saw it, can we do the [watch him die] achievo please. This was ignored (ofc. not unusual, most pugs wont waste the time they want the emblems and I normally feel the same) and we blasted through the watchers before killing the Elder. Ce la vie.

That was when the healer pops into chat "which worthless scrub wanted to do an achievement?", I replied "nice" (not; "the same one who just did 7k dps while yr other dps did 3 you prick" like I wanted to) and got on with it. After all still normal pug behaviour. Dicks like that forget what its like to be 3 months into the game on your first level 80 trying to do cool shit.

Except thats when the big problem slammed home: after that I never got another heal. Not one. The last boss anub, is pretty intensive with the adds and the damage comes fast. I avoided being impaled on the claws, cos I am not a fuckwit who stands in the fire, but i still get hit by adds, the tank cant be everywhere. Now it could be I am being unfair, after all he healed the other 2 dps, who were standing in the fire (or in this case on top of the growing mound of dirt that signals a claw emerging to impale you). So I had to pot and bandage, fdeath and use deterence and every other defensive abilty I could, ended the fight on 3k hps (the other four were full health) while still putting out the dps. After all its common practice in pug raids not to heal hunters. Maybe hes used to his guild hunters using mend pet on themselves? who knows?

Well the group wanted to go on and do the seasonal boss, yeah I am up for that 2 extra frosties for 5 minutes work. Went in with my now 6k health, all others full health. Guess what? no heals I potted banadged twice, had my wolf die on me and gave up killing adds on the grounds I couldnt afford to pull one with my vollies. I stuck myself on the boss and did 800dps on him until he went vulnerable, then joined in nuking him. Finished the fight, with a health in the low hundreds while everyone else was guess what? full health. Can I stay alive with this guy as my healer? yes unless its an ICC 5 man I think. Do I want to? no way. First the extra mile I have to goto to stay alive affects my dps and risks my reputaion (after all do I want to be on the /ignore list of the best puggers in my battle group for "fking huntard, gear like that and only does 3k?") Secondly though it simply isnt fun. I play for entertainment and to unwind. I have grown a thick skin and ignore the children and their potty mouths, but making it hard work for me is crossing the line.

So thats how hes ended up on my ignore list and now I will never have him affect my play time again!

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