Monday, June 7, 2010

Still no fester kill

Did ICC25, good geared group, marrowgar was simple, deathwisp even easier, couple of wipes on lootship, one shot saurfang, no problems with stinky and prescious. 3 wipes on fester and raid is called .

What do you say to that? when 25 fellows in epic gear with gscores ranging from 5800-5100 cant progress beyond the lower spire and it keeps happening weekly you have to ask yourself questions as to why its happening. Especially given the undergeared project did the blood princes in blues.

The problems with the lootship occured for 2 distinct reasons. Firstly the tank dies, why? because the dps spend too long tarrying on the other ship. Thats what he said. Begs the question why wasnt he being healed through it, so I watched carefully third time of doing and noticed only 4 of the dps jumping across. The other hunter prefered to stay on the ship shooting at riflemen and muradin. Why shoot muradin? 20% of his damage was done to an unkillable boss. So the tank was hanging about as the bosses melee capabilty started to stack until the tank fell over, then the "jumpers" get killed. All because of slackers.

Again on Saurfang, despite a few off us spelling out in trade that ranged have to focus on the bloodbeasts and you cant let them hit you, if you do they increase the bosses runic power, so Mr Mage if the big purple thing starts eating you, stop dps and run away from it, what happened? Locks and mages single target on the boss, while 3 bloddbeasts eat the healer and it was just myself and a mage trying to kite them all off him. Does it matter? we downed the boss without wiping. We only had 1 healer and one retri paladin die. It was a result? why the hell am I complaining?

Not that it mattered what I said, they were too busy arguing in raid chat over loot and you shouldnt have rolled etc. Meh.

I took a screenshot of deathwhispers demise. Its not a fair damage comparison I know, truth is I was only 6th for overall DPS for the raid itself, but hey every rodent has its day ;)

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