Monday, June 28, 2010

A bad weekend

Basically my raid didnt happen. wont go into too many details, but the nuts and bolts are I couldnt get the people. the people I did get left after an hour, to be replaced with new people, who left after an hour and so on and so forth until I gave up after 3 hours. Partly its cos my guild didnt do their ICC10 run on saturday night (missing a tank) so they rescheduled it for sunday and several guildies who would have run with me didnt because of that. Partly it was the football. Partly cos I refused to take people in pvp gear or who didnt know the tactics. Rather not get saved to a pug that wipes on lady deathw thanks. So i called it.

Well then I saw on trade "lfm icc25 to join a guild run. continuing raid from last night 4/12 in doing plagueworks" oh ho! whats this? So I joined it we wiped 5-6 times on fester and then the raid was called. No achievments for me this week, no frosties this week from the ICC 25 and I cant pug one until after the server reset now I am saved.

So to cheer myself up I am going to go farm skyguard rep for a bit I think. Maybe work on my "insane" title.

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