Friday, June 4, 2010

the waiting game...

Waiting for what? an ICC25 and wether i might join it. Been a good week for me so far. I got home after work tuesday night, 7am weds morn and went to bed. was awake at ten and straight on. Did weekly, daily hc and both voas. also toc 10 and 25 and finally got the hellion glaive!!! yey me. Yesterday i spent a large (read silly) amount of time in an uldar achiev pug after my icc25 wiped on trash. Got a fair few achievs from it as well. Today though, given i fly to malaysia next week for a fortnight i wanted Icc25. Well my pug wasnt working. I only got 10 peeps to join me. I disbanded it after a few left, said reconvene in two hours. The reason why they were leaving ofc is a better pug. A fellow named jakarta wanting achievs for plague works which i dont have, doesnt need the gscore (says only idiots insist on that! yey my kinda leader!) but does need proof that i wont wipe his raid.

What do I say? I watched tank spot and seen putricide. Its an evil fight. Sindragossa afterwards ofc is evil. the crimson council fight is easy enough, but you know something? I am dps. The basics of the fight consist of not being a retard, being aware of the mechanics, putting out appropiate dps and most of all staying alive. Each fight is different and I am watching them all now. Never thought I would be doing that this soon (poverty of ambition eh?) yet i feel excited. I am not hopeful. Jak has all but said I aint coming. His 4.8k gscore shammy was doing 7k he said but he knew the tactics and how is it fair for him to bring untried dps to a fight where ONE member will wipe the raid? I totally agree. I havent seen the fight. He hasnt seen me play to know I am not a huntard. He can NOT know that I am not a moron who has by fluke found ej and thats where i got my talent spec and gem/enchants (its not btw its through my own personal experience of how I play). I will be very surprised if I get into this raid.

Excuse me gotta run. Gonna watch tankspot again again until 14:00 in case i do. wish me luck.

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