Saturday, June 5, 2010

I need a cunning plan

To be more specfic I need to come up with a way solve my issue of not getting shots at the lich king. The problem is that i can form an ICC pug and we will get 4/12 and thats as far as it goes. I can join another ICC pug. It will goto 4/12. The pugs that will do more I cant get into, without the achievments for plagueworks and possibly crimson halls. So pugging is out.

So the guild. Well the guild a) doesnt have the members to do 25mans where my upgrades would come from b) raids ten man at times when I work and c) even if I shift swap/arrange later start times at work which I could do, the guild wants to hammer the first 4 bosses for gear and emblems each week. The idea of saving progression and puting it on farm AFTER we drop Arthas was seen as stupid. Leave the guild and find one that could give me what i want at times I can make? harder then it sounds decent raiding guilds that raid sunday/monday/tuesday and need a hunter to train arent exactly spamming trade. Thats supposing I wanted to leave my guild which I dont. I am actually happy there and have made some great friends. I am just frustrated.

So whats the answer? How will I kill the lichking before cataclysm? keep puging 4/12 I guess and wait for the guild to get further into Icc, then take holidays off work to go in with them. While trying to think of a cunning plan.

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