Monday, May 31, 2010

The joy of a raider

Its a funny thing when you pug raids. Suppose its like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get. Unless of course you read the box and the fucking descriptions of the chocies. Well yesterday I pugged an icc10. I missed the guild run as they hosted it at times when I work. So I was looking for a pug on my nights off over the weekend.

So first pug I found on trade, this nice DK, seemed happy to take me. For some reason my gscore add on is broken. I look at the raid browser and it only shows me half the gscores. Real random. Anyway I digress. The tank that joined was a 5.7k gscore warrior who wasnt so burdened. He started looking at peoples gear, meanwhile i was looking at him with el groups (well the tank IS the most important bit) and i saw how experienced he was (very) at about the same time he was pointing out in raid chat that our dk and his dk friend were wearing hateful gladiator gear. When called on it the dks response was yeah I am trying to get gear in ICC thats why we are going. At which pt the warrior leaves along with 2 other dps and I am looking at these 2 dks, i know are pvp geared with gscore in mid 4000s (I dont have an issue with running ICC with 4.6k gscore, thats 4 piece T9 and its plenty if your not a moron) missing gems and enchants. Then I see the warrior is advertising his own raid in trade...

So my second pug. The warrior was asking for achievs for first 6 bosses and uber gear. He kept me hanging for about 25 mins periodically asking me questions. Now my gear is nice but not brilliant, but it is correctly gemmed and enchanted. My talents are where they should be and I can talk about them at boring length as to why each and every point is where it is. I have achievs for first 4 bosses, but have always wiped on festergut and rotface and never got past those. I have however seen the fights more then once and know the tactics. Eventually I was allowed into the pug. It took a long time for the pug to form when we did it was as you would expect a pretty decent group including a kingslayer so we could do the lootship on hardmode.

So we walked through marrowgar, strolled through Lady deathwhisper, managed to wipe a few times on the hc lootship (don't ask how I dont know either) then one shotted saurfang, at which point enough people had to go that the raid was called. All in all very nice, especially for me as the bow droped from marowgar and I got the frost giant cleaver from the lootship. Another one of those to dual wield and I can put anguish onto the wall over my characters fireplace. As my gscore grows, I have less trouble getting into the better pugs and my goal of one day toppling the Lich king draws closer. I just have to be sure to check the labels so I dont get saved to an M&S wipefest.

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