Sunday, May 30, 2010

A beginning

A beginning post for a new blogger. Hmm what to post? why I am posting? the blogs that i read that inspired me to start my own? the warm fussy feeling it gives me that if I do post my inner thoughts someone, somewhere might actually give a flying monkeys? Nah fuck that crap kinda writing for my own amusment while my auctioneer is scanning and I am fking bored watching trade chat.

Had a long serious chat with the Holy paladin of our wannabe raid guild other day. We are a social guild that was losing members when they grew up enough to want to goto ICC. Through tears and drama we have managed to find our way into the ICC and things are looking up. In a good part I believe cos when it came to my turn to leave and I paniced looking at the online application form for my chosen raiding guild, more specifcally at their rejection thread, full of better applicants then moi. So I made a pug. Filled it with a few willing guildies and some peeps I found by spamming trade "Lfm ICC 10 dont need achieves just full t9 with correct gems/enchants"

Its a funny thing when you down saurfang for the first time. Getting the storming the citadel achiev. I imagine its quite a milestone for most players. For me, doing it leading my first raid ever, it was fucking hugher then hitting level 80 and I have to say was on a par with mediocre sex or a dam good wank. In fact I wanted sex immediatly at that point, but hey cant have cherry on every cake right? I had been trying to get into Icc dailey for like 2 months, but couldnt find a way past the no achiev no invite barrier. (ps thank you greedy goblin for telling me about under achiever AFTER I got the fucking achievment :P). Well i traded that achiev for a place on an ICC 25 pug, got storming the citadel there and now i can join most ICC pugs in the game (except the real good ones that actually down arthas) Yey me!

So anyway. Back to the chat. the guild is following my progression at the same rate. they got a good core of goodish players with decent gear who have stopped raiding fking nax and are now going in twice a week and getting to saurfang. Its all gravy except... we have 3 hunters. One elemental shamen. no resto shammy and no tree. Thus the reason why I was given a talking to, cos its clear the guild needs a resto shammy far more then it needs my hunter, 9k dps or not, which i can always pug with anyway.

Thus I have a new shammy "ghostmeercat" (yeah kept a rodent thing going I am funny that way) got him upto lev 27 gonna go push him to 30 in a bit when this scan.. oh goody the scans done
bye bye

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