Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The curse of server reset. Now I am bored.

Yes indeed, its that time of the week again. Servers just gone down. Normally this isnt an issue, I would be at work.. or playing something. Or sleeping. This time however I was doing arenas with a DK to desperately cram in cps before the cap.

How did it go you maybe wondering? well we did win 2 games. Lost 8. pretty much to the same thing actually: my partner getting squished. 3.8k ressil, but hes going down in 30secs v another dk (I locked the mage out with cc trap then after the trinket wyvern sting). I cant criticse too much, after all when I am double charged by a double warr combo I also go down like a sack of shit. Still he would have been better with a healer if only he could have found one at that late a date.

Speaking for myself, I have been slacking abit arena wise. Since I got the bow theres been not alot of point. 2p ruthless with 2.4k cps in the bank, but why spend them? What for? season 10 ruthless will be obsolete vendor trash as soon as S11 comes out and I have to replace everything with season 11 ruthless bought with honour. So why waste gems/enchants? Still I did answer the cry of a couple of late comers this evening. A resto shammy I took 4 for 6, this DK.

It did however disrupt what I was actually doing today: my enchanter/tailor protadin has hit 68 (from 52 last week) so I was leveling both proffs, all the way through runecloth and stupid amounts of netherweave, deing so much stuff that honestly I was wondering where I had got it all from. 2 bank alts worth of things to de and wow it took alot of time. Havent really finished, as I need to start on my frostweave stockpile for tailoring and was only halfway through the arcane dust for enchanting. All in all theres alot more to do. Still will be worth in in the end. After this gets to 85 its just the skinnner/herby farmer and my alchemist frost mage. Independence will be mine! Then I can go back to having fun doing fun stuff on my main (like losing arena matchs).

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