Saturday, July 30, 2011

tanking my first hc

What can I say? I got bored :P

theres nothing to do on nightgerby my hunter. I decked him out in pretty much what he needs. I cant be arsed to wipe 5 times to down a troll boss and it isnt woth an hr of my life for 140 "jps next patch" I raided some firelnad trash with pugs and the guild (to help out with the guild, my gm pays well for it) where my deeps is fine. Can I imporve him? oh god yeah. Do I need to? nope. Could do deathwing right now if I didnt log in for another 6 months. Comes from knowing my class and rotation oh so very well.

Anyway so knowing expanison is under a year away and planning for this I am busy trying to get my proff alts up and ready. By ready I mean geared enough to level to lev 90 without undue tears and hardship on a pvp server with gold to spare for 5000% flying and training etc. So on this protadin of mine, doing dailies, messing about and I misclicked. Yes I meant to queue for a bg. I hit the lfg and had a call for arms, thought screw it. After all worst happens is what? "l2p nub!" "you have been removed from the group"

I announced as I went in that "hey guys :) I am a new tank this is my first hc :) if you want me to leave I will, but I will try my best and any advice/tips you can give appreciated". Well they were firm about me not leaving. Something about the length of the dps queues... The shad priest and lock I admit impressed me. My hunter couldnt have matched them yet they never stole aggro (got to love players who know to fade/soulshatter/etc) the DK had 9.6k gscore (my hunters on 8.8) so obviously raid geared. We took every achievment from the place. A great run, didnt get any gear but I enjoyed it. Its so much fun playing with normal people not idiots and the iceing was the final comment at the end as they all dropped group: I had asked them for comments on my tanking and thanked them for playing with me he said "your tankings fine you never lost aggro. queue again!"

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